A Random Act of Kindness

A lonely flower rocks subtly in the gentle breeze of midday. It’s cream-colored petals sway patiently back and forth, but it’s stem remains planted into the cool shaded soil. No bee comes to visit this flower, as it’s beauty is unseen, masked by shade cast onto it by an overgrown weed.

The flower remains steadfast in the rich earth, using the wind’s graciousness to help it reach for a glimmer of sunlight when it is gently pushed into the golden rays, and then pulled back into the shade with each gust.

A gardener spies a feeble petal reaching out through the mangled thorns of an overbearing weed. She pushes the weed aside to reveal the precious little flower, stunted from lack of sunlight but still planted firmly in the soil. The gardener digs her fingers into the soft ground and wraps them around the web of roots underneath the weed. With one solid yank the weed is uprooted, and soil and sunlight rain down onto our little flower’s soft petals.

“What a pretty little flower,” says the gardener to herself. And she goes about her day.

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