The Queen

Do you know me?

Do you see me?

Can you hear me?

You’ve watched me carry myself with composure,

a queen commanding respect.

You see me smile with confidence

and laugh off petty annoyances.

You see me stand erect, proud and strong.

I do not trip or stumble.

But look closely;

there are cracks in my smile

and moisture in my eyes.

There are scars on my knees

and my nails are bitten off.

Listen closely;

there is hesitation in my laughter,

and uncertainty in my voice.

So do you see; do you hear?

Then you should know me.

So when my knees buckle

and I fall on my face,

when my eyes flood

and I cry in pain,

do you see weakness?

Do you know me?

Because I am still a queen;

do not doubt my strength.

I will pry myself off the ground,

wipe the blood from my knees

and the tears from my face

and take you onto my back and carry you.

I am not one that looks down in disappointment

at the fallen or the suffering,

because my crown is made of my failures,

I have been there more times than you know.

But I always get up and move forward,

and I will reach out my hand to help you back on your feet.

It is your decision to take it.

So do you know me?

I am the queen of humility

and resilience.


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