I saw the Moon Last Friday

Enclosed in four mirrored walls,

I sit in a floor-less and ceiling-less room,

a compressed ball of passion,

anxiously awaiting the celestial decision

of Fate’s paper fortune teller.

Nourished by the sun above me,

bound by the moon below me,

four reflected spirits standby the inevitable

purge of emotion that is to come.

Which form is it to take?

Which spirit will possess me?

The wheel continues to spin the choices of



When Fate has chosen RED,

the crimson seductress,

the siren,

the impulsive indulger of desire,

Beware the Tigress

that licks your bleeding heart off her lips.

She’ll bring you to your knees

and rip your essence to shreds

with the raise of an eyebrow.

Femininity that knows no subtlety,

she soaks the summer heat

for her Tantric moonlit dance.


When Fate chooses BLUE,

the cerulean midnight,

the warm-bodied wanderer

with a hallow heart,

she sees only the reflections

of her own loneliness.

A childless mother,

she will tenderly kiss

the tears off your chin,

and let her frosted soul

cool your raging heart

though it chars her.

Vulnerable and self-effacing,

her bottomless heart is cursed

to never be filled.

She transforms into the moon

and her hope illuminates the silent sky.


Sometimes PURPLE is chosen,

or it may be lack of choice,

and I am suspended

in a temporary moment of clarity.

The twilight of emotions,

the purgatory of day and night,

the instantaneous moment that ice melts

and water evaporates.

The first kiss,

the irretrievable moments of first pleasure

and new love.

Reserved impulsiveness,

she walks steadfast towards the horizon,

the sun on her right,

the moon on her left,

both felt simultaneously

and separately.

Rational passion poised in harmony,

she picks up the weary and forlorn along the way

and carries them on her back into the dawn.


If Fate chooses GREEN, you will not see her,

or rather,

she will not see you.

She exists only for herself,

unshackled from the audience in my mind.

She is adrenaline and focus,

only hearing, saying, and feeling what is necessary

for the means of accomplishment and knowledge.

Determined, disciplined, and tenacious,

the sun and the moon make no difference to her.


Fate’s frivolous game continues.

As the walls spin about me

I become the spoke of this

Wheel of Misfortune.

I clench my eyes

as my insides well up

and my throat tightens.

Imprisoned by the very prism I control,

I’m doomed to remain

until I can stifle the wheel

and shatter these walls to release

my fragmented spirit.


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