I want to write an ode to you

and everything that you’ve done for me.

I’ve learned a lot about myself

through our love together.

We were two hungry caterpillars,

absorbent and eager to live;

So caught up in the world’s expectations

that our metamorphosis went unnoticed.

Until now.

So here we stand,

a butterfly and a moth,

spirits of day and night.

Nature has no mercy as she pulls us apart,

but she has her reasons.

We cannot choose who we are,

or what we become.

So you will go into the night, and I, to the day,

and I’ll remember you when I look at the moon

without bitterness or remorse,

but with fondness and nostalgia,

because we shared a cocoon

and painted each other’s wings

so that we could radiate in our respective lights.

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