Unknown Desires

I picked up the fish

by the tail and it curled,

as I made my wish,

it writhed and it hurled me

into the bowl

filled with rainbow pearls.

Fuchsia, lavender, periwinkle,

shimmering, twinkling swirls.

Then I heard my song

and my eyes became pink.

If I stayed too long,

my feet began to sink.

So I lifted my legs

and ran to the rhythm of

attacking retreat,

gaining momentum.

The ground grew hard,

the path began to rise,

until I reached a cave

where I found my nine lives.

My fate gilded and swinging,

treasure bodies hung at the mouth.

I could still hear the singing

echoing in the clouds.

Gold melted to the ground,

the cave collapsed to slosh,

and my bodies became the sound

of wind rustling brush.

Marigold waves of wheat

dancing everlasting,

as I watched at the peak

while the sun was casting

Her drunken warmth

onto my new body.

When I turned around,

I saw Everybody

singing my song,

remembering my existence,

and I sang along,

but I can’t remember what it says.

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