Rebellion and Redemption

Again, it slips

and my mind rejects

the notion of connection.

An idle mind

full of fleeting desires

that vanish and fade

as soon as they transpire.

Emptiness fills me,

as exhaustion looms;

a dying flower

that can no longer bloom.

But maybe if I decay

and fertilize the ground,

then I can stay

and they’ll still want me around.

But my will is brave,

and my courage unmatched;

I won’t wait to be saved

or for someone to unlatch

the shackles that trap

me to lull and complacency;

I don’t want a life defined by

the dullness of expectancy.

I’m not waiting for permission.

Life is intimidating,

but spiritual submission

isn’t an option.

No, I’m not like you,

and that’s why I’m disconnected.

I won’t be what you want,

and I’m not what you expected.

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