Dear diary,

Today I went to school and I learned how to write. My teacher taught me how to spell and punctuate, how to elaborate on my thoughts with concrete detail and clear and concise imagery. He taught me to break paragraphs, indent, double-space and to write my name nice and neat at the top, and I was good at it because I’m a good girl, a good student, and I follow the rules because that is what you do; that is how you become a good writer.


I’m a good girl and I follow the rules.


Spell M-O-D-E-S-T-Y

Punctuate with your period. Stop your flow.

Concrete and crisp like the hem of your skirt,

and the tightness of your lips.

Break paragraphs like I break your back

on this bed of fertility, double-space your legs

so I can indent your name, plant my seed, and

write my name in its place.

Nice and neat on your seat.


I’m a good girl.

I’ll follow the rules.


Good girl.

Follow the rules.






F O (g) L (o) L (o) O (d) W

R (g) U (i) L (r) E (l) S

Rules. Rules. Rules.



You fool.

You followed the rules.

Krewl, deceptive wrld.

Fa-low hour rewlz and yoo kan bee yoo.

fllw da roolz and we’ll eat u too.

Cages and cages of dismembered mindparts

Cut apart

and sewn together

hitched and stitched monsterminds clikkity clacking on bars




Good. God. god. dog.



the hissing wind says silence saynothing

say what you mean say what we mean but mean what you say

don’t say that. say what we mean but make it from you

slithering snake ive been bitten


injecting me with the

serum of shame

parasite of blame

stick a spoon in my head

and mix it well

pour it out to

bake your cake

soft and spongey



Good God.


cake brick fit me nice into your wall

use the frosting to keep crumblings together

just long enough

to sing happy birthday.


good dog.

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