Forgive me, Forever

Sometimes it rocks me

Not to sleep, but a tremor of cracks

As I try to split identity from trauma

A dichotomy, a dilemma

Redundancy filtered over and over,

Conversations in the shower with

The young woman who can’t help

But take fault in the earthquakes

That shook this foundation.

The bitter imagination of a sleeping volcano

Festering an impending purge of fury;

It makes me worry for your safety.

I know your hands have been seared,

But I still fear the eruption

Of a false phoenix set on combustion.

The warm nights will pass and I will leak fire into the summer

And remember

That a dying star glimmers in the night.

The steam grows thinner by morning

When your arms hold me tight.

by Angela Castillo (2019)
original art by Angela Castillo

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