Unfamiliar are the whispers that drone the air.

My hair gently brushes cheek to tickle lashes,

My fickle happiness no longer a slashing wind-

Tunnel funneling smiles into putrid bile.

No, I just might stay here a while.

The smell of emptiness is comforting, for once;

Fragrances hurried along like a blur through a car window,

Becoming the merged watercolors of yesterday’s hopes

And tomorrow’s memories.

Lips are chapped like the chalked powder of eyeshadow,

The blinds no longer a shadow of tomorrow,

Tomorrow no longer blinding sunbeams of burning sorrow,

Joy flickers the cracked skin through a breaking smile.

Drink of the sunrise, sing the reprise of redeeming rays

That refract rainbows in prisms of eyes.

Water these colors and paint the day new.

They will be they, and you will be you.

by Angela Castillo (2019)

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