My name is Angela Castillo. I aspire to become a professional athlete, an entrepreneur, a scholar, an artist and a writer. I am a dreamer.

I created this blog in 2016 for no other reason than I love writing and I was feeling things build up inside of me that needed to be released. I began to write aimlessly, trying to understand who I am and what I was feeling. My emotions and moods skyrocketed and plummeted at a daily basis, while I drowned in anxiety and depression. Eventually, my 10 year relationship soured and ended. I sank very deep into depression and alcohol abuse, but I continued to write about my anguish and hope through poetry.

In April 2019, the emotional turmoil became unbearable, so I sought help. I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), with an undetermined suspicion for Bipolar Disorder as well. Since then, my journey has been one of healing and understanding of who and what I am.

I’ve left many of my old blog posts the way they were, unedited because they were very raw feelings and I want to keep that essence intact to accurately depict my story. I am working on organizing my poetry and art pieces to display on separate pages, so that is a work in progress.

This blog is for non-judgement, for healing, and for hope. Discussion is encouraged as long as it is progressive, fruitful, contemplative, and insightful. Any hatred, bigotry, judgement, or disrespect will not be tolerated.

Angela dark