Ripples A single Seed Of water plucks Harp strings; Liquid flutters Like blooming kisses Of bubble music. Feet feel Slippery rocks Beneath; Smoothed by souls Before me, But not so many To grate them to sand. Pressure Like the lumps In my throat; Every stone a Gag in my step Until I reach Sand submerged…Read more »

The Pier Revisited

Peering into reflective walls once again; repetition or replay, who is to say? Crimson flames sprout from Emerald blades; Cerulean waves crash into Purple plush. Twilight mirrors the ocean of Desires; fractured prisms refract disjointed Trust. The whirlpool begins as I’m drawn in; All hues allude to what I once knew; They spin and turn…Read more »

Late Bloomer

What dreams may come to the midday mind; What desires are buried behind the eyes of envy? Tender slender stems of delicate lilies white and frilly feminine hems of giggling skirts and batting eye- lashes. Why does it hurt? Graceful is pretty swans sitting on pristine ponds of purity. Soft petals flitter, tremble, quiver in…Read more »


Grow! Grow! the forest spirits stutter their feet, raising paws and claws, with coos and caws, to the god of trees. Hides twitch, fur shuffles, feathers ruffle in the twilight moon. Feed it, they plead; let it grow in the glow of evening souls. The sky blinks her starry eyes, the moon yawns, as a…Read more »