Poetry: Oasis

Unfamiliar are the whispers that drone the air.

My hair gently brushes cheek to tickle lashes,

My fickle happiness no longer a slashing wind-

Tunnel funneling smiles into putrid bile.

No, I just might stay here a while….


Ripples A single Seed Of water plucks Harp strings; Liquid flutters Like blooming kisses Of bubble music. Feet feel Slippery rocks Beneath; Smoothed by souls Before me, But not so many To grate them to sand. Pressure Like the lumps In my throat; Every stone a Gag in my step Until I reach Sand submerged…Read more »

The Pier Revisited

Peering into reflective walls once again; repetition or replay, who is to say? Crimson flames sprout from Emerald blades; Cerulean waves crash into Purple plush. Twilight mirrors the ocean of Desires; fractured prisms refract disjointed Trust. The whirlpool begins as I’m drawn in; All hues allude to what I once knew; They spin and turn…Read more »